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Big and Beasty is our #1 selling blend of 4 high protein forage rapes, forage turnips, daikon radishes, and sub-zero kale.

Big-n-Beasty does best if planted late summer in most areas and is an unbelievable fall food source. The large and leafy brassicas in Big and Beasty will provide several tons of nutritious leafy forage that will become sweeter after a hard frost. When the leaves are gone they will paw the turnips and radishes out of the frozen ground! Since Big-n-Beasty does best when planted later in the summer, you have plenty of time to get your field ready.


The later planting date makes it an ideal blend for both food plot veterans and beginners alike. An easy to grow blend that will draw deer during the hunting season, and still provide much needed nutrition deep into the winter months. If you only plant one food plot this year, this is the one you are looking for!


Seeding rate is 4 lbs/acre. Plant mid to late Summer. Prefers full sun in moist but well drained soil.


To download a PDF version of the planting instructions by clicking here.