How long does is take to establish a good deer property with mature bucks?

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Topic: Time to Create a Good Deer Hunting Property:

Deer Hunting Property

It will take at least three years for the deer to become used to your food sources and for you to protect a few bucks before you will feel like you are improving the deer hunting on a new property

Hey Bill, my dad and I just recently bought some land. It has a lot of hardwoods, 15 year old CRP, and a creek that run right in the middle of the property. The previous owners never did much hunting or never planted food plots. This fall we have planted different types of food plots with different stand locations. Since we have been running cameras we haven’t gotten a whole lot of deer movement just a few does and small bucks. In your opinion, how long does is take to establish a good deer property with mature bucks?

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I have had people tell me that they think it takes three years to get the deer used to your food sources and to protect a few bucks long enough to get some age. If the property is small, you may never make an impact (that is the reality) without getting some cooperation from your neighbors. Even with large farms of 1,000 plus acres, you still need your neighbors to pass up young bucks to have a really big impact. Give it three years and that will pretty much be the way the farm will look for years to come unless you gain cooperation from the neighbors. Good luck. (10-4-17)

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