Planning for Good Maryland Hunting

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Maryland Hunting

Planting Plot Screen is the perfect way to create an ideal entry and exit route in an otherwise open area.

Well here we are just a few weeks from the official start of summer and I have been working on finalizing plans and getting

some work done for the 2017-18 deer season.

I primarily hunt several small properties and one in particular is a 40-acre piece that is pretty much the only place I am able to do any kind of food plots.

This year I am looking to have two primary food plots. One will be an acre of Frigid Forage Big N Beasty and the other will be 1/3 acre planted to Frigid Forage Autumn Quick plot.

Hunting Maryland in 2017

Planting a narrow strip of Plot Screen can make a huge difference in your ability to get to and from your stands without being seen.

I am going with these two blends because the area that surrounds the 40-acres has no agriculture for at least a mile. When fall/winter arrive there are no leftover beans or cut cornfields for the deer to feed on later in the season.

With plenty of native browse on the property, and usually good amount of acorns early in the season, my goal is to focus on having food later in the season and these both provide a good early season food source but are even better during the late season.

So even though I won’t be planting these until July-August, I like to use Frigid Forage Plot Screen which needs to be planted late spring/early summer. So I am planning and planting now. Once I know what I’m planting in my plots, and where I am planting them, I went to work. I was able to get the Plot Screen in the ground just the other day.

Maryland Hunting

Planting even small food plots in areas with limited agriculture will really improve your fall hunting.

I love using the Plot Screen to create barriers and cover for entry/exit routes. The best thing about the Plot Screen is the fact that it will tolerate less than perfect soil and still grows thick and well over 8’ tall with enough moisture.

Now is a good time to finish planning, get some work done and beat the summer heat – especially if it’s a new site and you want to clear any trees or brush. That can be really hot work.

Maryland hunting is challenging. Adding food to even a small property can make for some great hunting especially if there is no agriculture close by with which your food plots must compete.