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How to fix yellowing leaves in Big n Beasty

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Jake from Illinois asks,

Topic: How to Fix Yellow Leaves in Big N Beasty:

Yellow Leaves

When your Big N Beasty starts to show yellow leaves, it is generally due to a lack of soil nutrients. A quick shot of fertilizer should fix the problem.

I planted the Big-n-Beasty in 1/2 acre plot and it’s growing fine but some of the plants have a yellowish color to them, we’ve had minimum rain fall in west central Illinois any recommendation on what I should do or is this normal?

Bill responds,


That could be the result of low moisture, but generally it is caused by a lack of nutrients (fertilizer). If you fertilized it when you planted it, you might consider top-dressing with about 1/2 that rate again right before the next rain. Remember, Big N Beasty loves nitrogen. If you didn’t fertilize when planting, you should hit it with a full rate (roughly 60 to 75 pounds of active N per acre). If using Triple 19, for example (19-19-19) the first number is pounds of actual nitrogen for 100 pounds of fertilizer. So, if you are working with a half acre plot, you would need roughly 150 to 200 pounds of Triple 19 for your plot. If using a fertilizer with a different ratio of active nutrients, you will have to adjust accordingly. Good luck. (9-15-17)