Best Winter Food Plot

Best Winter Food Plot

Posted By AJ Gall at 12/11/2012 12:00:00 AM

Quite simply put, Minnesota has some of the hardest winter conditions in the U.S.  As humans, we spend most of the time avoiding the freezing cold temperatures and blustery snow inside, meanwhile, deer are forced to survive the brutal elements.  Aside from the warming sun rays and their thick coats, deer rely on their diet to survive winter.  When food options are available, deer will seek out the forage with the highest amounts of energy storage, which is why you see deer flooding into corn and soybean fields.

  Brassicas can be planted on small plots and turn sweeter as the
  weather gets colder making them a perfect late season food choice.

Corn and soybeans are an excellent planting option if you have the acreage to do so, but brassicas—such as those found in Big-N-Beasty—may be the smarter option.  If you have watched the most recent Main Show episode, you can clearly see how the Big-N-Beasty matches up against the standing corn.  All the deer were chomping away on the bulbs and greenery offered by the brassica mix despite having a large field of standing corn adjacent to it.

So why is a plot of brassicas better than corn or beans?  The answer revolves around the notion that they offer more food.  By offering more forage per square foot, they are able to withstand higher deer numbers even in a smaller plot.  Brassicas also become more attractive during certain times of the year.  Hunting earlier this fall, I noticed a lot of deer eating the leafy greens and now, after several days below freezing, they are back in these plots eating the greens and pawing up the carbo-loaded bulbs which have sweetened from the freezing temps. 

There is no question that corn and beans play a huge role in a deer’s diet, but the size of your plot may leave you looking for a different answer.  The biggest nock against corn and beans is the acreage limitation.  In order to have food remaining into the late season, a corn or bean plot should be at least 2 acres in size.  These two acres are more than most land managers have to allocate for a single food plot, making Big-N-Beasty a smarter and more feasible option for the entire season.  There is no better time than now to be hunting over a brassica plot.  Late season conditions will have the deer searching for energy packed foods, which means you should be searching for your late season bruiser over these plots.

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