Rack Back


Introducing Frigid Forage Rack Back™, the premium scientifically formulated liquid deer supplement!

Rack Back™ contains micro-nutrients that are limiting in natural environments and that are essential for enhancing growth performance and digestive health.

The Unique, Patent Pending, Trace Mineral complexes in Rack Back™ enable superior absorption and bioavailability.   This means that more of the nutrition you are paying for results in productive growth!  Because many trace minerals are limiting in nature, and animals require them daily, deer will crave Rack Back™ because biologically in meets their nutritional requirements for growth and reproduction, antler development, and a robust immune system.

There are many deer supplements on the market focus on calcium and phosphorus.  These minerals are important, but abundant, in nature.  Rack Back™ uses a different approach by researching and formulating a deer supplement to enhance productive growth by correcting nutritional deficiencies.  There is no reason to supply more of what they have abundant access to!  In light of this approach, Rack Back™ is a perfect fit to compliment Food Plots.

Rack Back™ also contains antioxidants and supplemental digestive enzymes to aid in digestive efficiency.  One key nutrient in enhancing rumen function is SoluMin™ Cobalt.  Cobalt is required by rumen bacteria to produce Vitamin B12, which is important for a healthy immune system and energy production.

Hunters in the field have observed healthier deer with healthier hair coats, and does fawning more twins.  Rack Back™ users also have commented that the 1 and 2 year old bucks have noticeably larger racks, to the tune of 10 to 15 inches.

Genetics, environment and nutrition all play key roles in maximizing deer potential.  Rack Back™ supplies essential nutrition to help express this potential!


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