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Plot Screen


Ever wished you could hide your food plot from your neighbors?


Ever wish you could get to and from your favorite tree stand without busting the deer feeding on your plot or funnel deer closer to your tree stand?


Most of us have been in situations like this, so that was our inspiration to developed a blend using 6 different sorghums including Egyptian Wheat that makes it easy to grow a tall and thick natural screen. 


Developed and tested on our hunting grounds here in Minnesota over several years and under harsh conditions, Plot Screen allows you to grow a visual barrier around or near your food plots providing security for whitetails while feeding and hiding your movements to and from your stand. 


The Original Plot Screen is an annual* blend that can easily be planted in numerous different shapes and scenarios and can provide you with a thick natural screen that can reach heights of over 12’.  The varied plant heights will help the screen stand up to the high wind and snow that Mother Nature likes to throw at us each year. 


Frigid Forage developed this revolutionary blend and there are now numerous imitators in the marketplace.  You can buy with confidence knowing you are getting the original and the best.


Take your hunting strategy to the next level!


Seeding rate is 12-15 lbs/acre.  Plant late Spring or early Summer (do not over-seed!).  Prefers full sun & moist well drained soil.

*Must be replanted each year

To download a PDF version of the planting instructions by clicking here.