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Plow Down Clover


Plow Down Clover is the first-of-its kind blend of fast growing annual and bi-annual clovers formulated to provide a cover crop for any plot that you intend to plant a late season annual such as Big-n-Beasty or Autumn Quick Plot. As the name implies, Plow-Down is planted in the Spring and then plowed under as “Green Manure” when you are ready to re-plant the field.

When the clover is plowed under the buried plants will act as green manure for your plot. As the plants decay they will provide beneficial organic material for your soil along with much needed nutrients.

Additional benefits of using Plow-Down Clover as a cover crop:
• Weed Suppression.
• Adds nitrogen to your soil.
• Provides nutritional summer forage.
• Protect against erosion.
• Loosens hard & compacted soil.
• Improves water absorption.
• Prevents unwanted insects.

Keep your soil healthy and provide nutrition throughout summer, plus help ensure success with your Fall plantings.


To download a PDF version of the planting instructions by clicking here.



1.            cov•er crop             noun     a crop grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil.


Planting Rate:  8-10lbs/acre